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Logo Design – DIY

March 5, 2008

While hubby and I were in the midst of designing a new website, he found Logo Ease. Click the thumbnail below to get the screen shot of this online software.


After you sign up for a new account, you will be able to get your logo designed in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose the logo image category.
Step 2: Edit the logo – add text, change fonts, modify scale and insert colour.
Step 3: Click save, and you will able to download your logo through the email send to you.

Happy trying!


iPhone found in Penang!

November 13, 2007


Yup,  confirmed sightings of the “Jesus” phone at Gurney Plaza and BJ Complex! Labelled RM1,999 at the mobile phone stores near you, go grab one before it’s too late…hehe

Actually these are smuggled-n-unlock phones from US, made its way to Malaysia by god knows how.  Anyway, it’s here, way ahead of the official launch in 2008. For those who are wondering, the unlocked phones actually works on DiGi and Celcom line, but not sure about Maxis though…you can always check it out if you are too free, be my guest, don’t be shy P

The only thing that you should worry about is the firmware upgrade. Like all the branded players in the market, Apple’s new firmware in the future may render your “illegal immigrant” into a brick if you are not careful. But like all the gadgets in the market, you’ll probably able to find cracks for it as soon as the firmware is released P

So, the conclusion is….go grab la if you feel too itchy.

Olympus SP-550

October 15, 2007

I was skimming through the Sun newspaper the other day and suddenly an ad caught my eye. It’s Olympus digicam offering at RM1499, with 18x zooming glory! Recently you can see a lot of digicam promotions from various brands from Sony, Fujifilm, Kodak, Canon….each with their own unique features to show off. Now Olympus is trying to jump in the bandwagon with their monstrous cam, the SP-550. I did a quick survey and found that SP-550 is not really the latest one in the market. There is already another new replacement model SP-560 which offers even better spec than this. Anyway, the SP-550 is definitely good enough to capture my attention!

camera-front-angledthumbnail.jpgOlympus SP-550

This piece of mean gadget packs 7.1MP CCD, 2-in-1 anti-blur solution, ISO up to 5000, 18x optical zoom (28 to 504mm equivalent, no less). It runs on 4 AA size batteries so you can use rechargeable NiMH batteries after you trash the supplied alkaline batteries(why they even bother to include?) in a few hours.

What actually makes this piece attractive is the zoom lens. Come on, a normal point and shoot camera only offers up to 5x (as with Sony T200), and other ultra zoom cameras only offers up to 12X zoom. But this baby offers 18x, which means you can shoot an far away object as though it is right next to you. What’s more the price is lower than a high end point and shoot camera. It’s definitely in my wish list for Christmas present (not that I celebrate Christmas anyway). I just want it!

Nokia 6500 slim classic

October 7, 2007


After the success of 6300, Nokia is now introducing another candybar…the Nokia 6500 classic. The new 6500 features 3G connectivity and 1GB built in memory, which is reasonable jump from 6300 (3G is getting common these days). However, the phone packs only a meager 2MP camera, partly due to its slim profile. The mobile sports an onboard music and video player for mobile entertainment and is equipped with a 24bit (16-million)-color QVGA (320 x 240-pixel) display. Although there is no expansion slot, the 1GB built in memory is enough to store 1,000 photos or 250 songs.

Is it worth to buy? Well, that depends. If you are out for the looks then probably yes. But if you want function and features, then there are many other phones out there with better specs.

New game for PSP – God of War

October 2, 2007

Jack and I used to take turns to get our hands on the PSP when we got nothing to do. I love puzzle games like Lumines and Lumines II, but sometimes, I just wanna try out new games in the market. The game developers have been a bit slow churning out good games for PSP lately and I have not touch the device for quite some time. Start to feel a bit bored of the same old type of sub-standard games….until I saw that God of War for PSP!God of War is a very popular PS2 game and had won itself game of the year award in 2005. And now, the PS2 franchise will be coming soon on the PSP platform early march 2008. It is a breathtaking game with oversized creatures, flaming arrows, fighting soldiers, and bodies flying all over the place…u get the idea. Actually what I like about this game is the graphics and the controls. The detailed, stylized visuals really attract a lot of attention and it’s hard to believe the sheer size of the game could fit into a portable package.

Look nice eh, wait till u see the monster..

Rrrrrrr…naughty dragon..