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March 2, 2008


After being stop a while playing the Sony PSP, currently I’m hooked to PSP again! I’m addicted to Bomberman. Yes, the good old game since the Nintendo game boy time. Bomberman for the game boy is very dull, in terms of back ground and colour range. And it’s still in 2-D. See…


Now with Sony PSP, the game has been improved with sharp and colourful graphics. Yes, it’s now in 3-D, and the back ground looks attractive. I enjoy running through mazes, blowing up boxes to clear paths, and bombing baddies to my heart’s content. Hard to believe that I’m still interested in this childish game.


My goal is to blow the boxes, to get the additional power, to kill all the enemies, and find my hidden exit to the next round, and bonus stage and the boss stage.


I wish I can be the bomberman in the actual world. Enhancing myself with additional power to kill all my enemies, in order to get smoother path, hehehe…Sounds cruel?