Hello, my name is Celine. I am a twenty-something Malaysian woman, married a man who pampers me with lots of love. I like cooking, reading, playing game boy, “PSP”ing, watching Astro for my favourite channel on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Home & Health, movies and series. When I am alone while driving, cooking, or doing some cleaning job, I’m not lonely. I will have my mind imagine of all kinds of events or so called daydreaming. These have leading me to start blogging. Through blogging, I can express my thoughts, tell my stories, share my recipes, and lots more. I’m not worry about the blog content whether it is right or wrong, as the objective is just to express my opinion, and to convey some messages to my friends. You may find my experiences useful. You may find the recipes or dishes I introduced through my blogs will help you discover your culinary skill. You may feel my nonsense blogs able to cheer you up. Or even you just drop by accidentally. No matter what, you are welcome!

I was born in Penang, raised in a happy family. My parents and elder siblings take good care of me, as I’m the youngest in my family. I’m 17 years old younger than my eldest brother, 15 years old younger than my elder sister and my second elder sister is 13 years older than me. Haha, you may guess I’m the adopted child in the family. Oh, no! You are wrong. We all have same genetic. Mom accidentally conceived mah…….

I work as an Engineer (Process, Quality & subcon Management) in different industries (OEM or subcon) since graduated from USM (University Science Of Malaysia). I got lots of chances dealing with people around the world from Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, US, Scotland, and Korea.

I am a good listener. If you have anything that you wish to share with me, just email me at ctslay@yahoo.com .


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Haha, “accidently” fall into your blog 🙂 Glad to hear that you are from Penang too! Your blog messages are cute. Just wanna say hi to my blog buddies who’s from Penang!

  2. Viv Says:

    Hi, just dropping by to say hello, merry christmas and happy new year 2008.

    bumped into your page as I was browsing and clicking any interesting link.

    Nice blog you have there !

  3. 24HrMom Says:

    Hi… I like your greetings, straight to the point. Thanks to New Kid on the Blog, I now know another flogger from Penang.. 🙂

  4. Anzi Says:

    Accidentally drop in your blog.. love your greeting message, and thanks for your sharing~ 🙂

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