Than Hsiang Vegetarian Food

Here I would like to recomment you the vegetarian food selling at Than Hsiang Vegetarian Canteen. The canteeen is located at the ground floor of Wisma Than Hsiang. A vegetarian rice set is just cost for RM4. It’s a self service meal that you can pick from all the available dishes. The RM4 will eventually go towards Wan Ching Yuen Old Folks Home, which is located on the upper floor of the Wisma Than Hsiang. You can eat and making donation at the same time. To kill two birds with one stone, very meaningful indeed. You can also “ta pao” (take away) the rice set. The packaging material used is the biodegradable material, which is different from polyfoam.

The food here is tasty as well, see the following photos from what we used to “ta pao”.





For enquiries, please call their direct line: 04-641 5523.


12 Responses to “Than Hsiang Vegetarian Food”

  1. Jeffery Says:

    wat a nice food..look very selicious lah..can i have 1??hehehe…

  2. mylittlecottage Says:

    Jeffery, can no problem…

  3. Nic (KHKL) Says:

    only 4 bucks and with a noble cause, i think it’s a great deal! so much dishes somemore! i think it’s not as oily as some vege dishes also…

  4. mylittlecottage Says:

    Nic, yes, it’s a great great deal indeed. The food in not oily.

  5. sue me Says:

    wah..vegetarian..must be expensive one..right???i think i should eat more vegetables.i need to lose

  6. sue me Says:

    wah..vegetarian..must be nice..right???i think i should eat more vegetables.i need to lose

  7. New Kid On The Blog Says:

    🙂 Only went there went comes to the 9th month.

  8. mylittlecottage Says:

    Sue me, you can get cheap vegetarian food here, really…

    NKOTB, during the “Ninth lunar month vegetarian festival”, right?

  9. daphne Says:

    i love this sort of vegetarian food. Can’t be commonly found here but I appreciate it each time I head back to SG.

  10. mylittlecottage Says:

    daphne, you will be back to Sg soon, don’t worry…

  11. sue me Says:

    kl no cheap baby? excited for

  12. buzzingbee Says:

    blog hopped here 🙂

    I do frequently go to the Than Hsiang Temple canteen. They serve alot of vegetarian food varieties and the noble thing about them is that for the economy rice+dishes that you take, there’s no specific pricing to it. You just have to drop in your amount of donation you wish to give for the food into the box located at the end of the table. This give every single one a chance to have a good meal no matter if you have RM1 or RM10 in your pocket 🙂

    p/s – linked you to my blog 😉

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