Black Dates & Longan Tea


Black dates and longan tea is a nourishing drink with natural sweetness. When both of the ingredients combined, it’s effective in fighting against anemia and fatigue, and boosting energy levels. Or in other words, they are good in building blood and regenerating Qi.

Black date is rich in iron. It has a pleasant taste and high nutritional value, and is often used to disguise unpalatable prescriptions. It is recognized as valuable medicinal herb.

Dried longan helps to improve blood circulation, improve heart efficiency and reduce stress and tension.

12 red dates, washed and pitted
10 dried longans, washed
5 cups of water


1. Boil and simmer ingredients in 5 cups of water for 45 minutes until the liquid is fragrant and tasty.
2. Serve warm.


7 Responses to “Black Dates & Longan Tea”

  1. sue me Says:

    longan very expensive mom said not as cheap as last time.i need to drink more of makes my throat itchy..

  2. daphne Says:

    oh nice! I agree, this drink always “cool” me down.

  3. mylittlecottage Says:

    Sue me, I don’t really pay attention to longan’s market price ler…No more mcd ya…

    daphne, “cool” you down? This drink is heaty ler…

  4. sue me Says:

    celine, i didnt eat mcd d..scared i added u in my links too.hehe..i called my teacher celine too coz she has celine dion’s bob hair.LOL..

  5. mylittlecottage Says:

    sue me, thanks for added me in your links.

  6. sue me Says:

    no problemo..hehe..

  7. Theena Says:

    I love longan,too.My family has longan orchard.when longan’s trees fruited .I always eat it (both fresh and dried longan).We can make many kinds of food and bekery from longan for example cake, drinks and jelly.
    it’s a kind of healty food. I have pack of 100 gram of dried longan.if anyone want to get it. I’ll send it to you for free!!.I limited one person per one pack only.but i’ve only 10 packs. Please send your name and your address to
    I would like everyone love longan like me.

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