I remember during my secondary school, I have one classmate who gave me a cactus. I brought it home to plant. After over 10 years, the cactus has been growing big and strong. My mother even transplant its “little babies” and gave them to my siblings and neighbors.

I like cacti. They are unique, strong, distinctive and unusual. I spend sometime observing these species in a cactus farm, and never forget to capture some photos on those different range and sizes.

Succulent Cactus which looks like aloe.




Zebra cactus plant

Cactus with red stunning attractive flower.

Brain cactus

Cactus with tiny purple flowers.

Globose, rounded shape cactus.


9 Responses to “Cacti”

  1. daphne Says:

    so pretty! this reminded me of sec school days too.. hehe.. I think I managed to kill a cacti.. *oops*

  2. mylittlecottage Says:

    daphne, to be honest, I kill a cactus last time. It was a present from my niece during her visit to Cameron Highlands. I put it in my room. Without sufficient sun, it died. So pity… 😦

  3. Neo Says:

    Wah, so many different types of cactus. But now I am hungry lar, can cook and eat or not? 🙂

  4. mylittlecottage Says:

    Hi Neo, welcome to my blog! You wanna eat cactus? No idea how to cook lar??

  5. tankiasu Says:

    Oh reminds me of the older days when I used to visit my uncle’s cactus farm in Cameron every year!! Awww….

  6. mylittlecottage Says:

    Hi tankiasu, the farm that I visited also located in Cameron wor, not sure whether it’s your uncles’ farm or not?

  7. Jeffery Says:

    wah…so many types of cactus..some of them look very cute… when u goin open a new garden??

  8. Lingzie Says:

    wow you really have a lot of cacti! im quite scared of them cos don’t like to kena cucuk!! haha… reminds me when i visited cameron highlands with my girlfriends (all 13 of us i think) and at one of the flower farms, there was a mini cacti display room. it was jam packed with a lot of cacti and only a narrow passage for you to walk. for some reason we decided to take a photo there! so all of us squeezed into the narrow passageway and stuck our heads out to take a photo! it was hilarious because we were all freaked out about accidentally falling against some of the cacti plants inside! 🙂

  9. mylittlecottage Says:

    Jeffery, no lar, these cactus belong to the farm, no mine…

    Wow, Lingzie, cool…

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