Teluk Kumbar Seafood

Last Saturday night, Jack and I dine out with our friends Michael, Stella and their little girl, Alicia. Micheal suggested to go Teluk Kumbar Seafood, or most likely known as “Hao You” (Good Friend in Mandarin). They have been there for quite often while it’s just the first time for Jack and I.

We reached there about 7.15pm, and the place were already crowded. We chose a seating place on the beach, which enable us to view the sea, the fisherman boats, and of course the nice view of sun set. Too bad the photo taken was too dark 😦 . Alicia had a lot of fun playing at the seaside, while we adults were enjoying our dinner.

Stir-fried vegetable.

Their signature tofu with dried mushrooms and siew bak choi.

Sour and spicy chicken wings. A bit dark in colour.

The satay, which is pre-marinated in satay sauce, cost for 70 cents per stick. It’s a bit sweet. Honestly said, I prefer the ordinary satay with the satay sauce serve separately. I find the satay selling at Teluk Bayan hawker centre is more delicious, with 50 cents per stick only.

By the time we ordered the food, roe crab was no longer available. We had no choice but to order 4 meat crabs stir-fried in salty duck egg yolk. Not a healthy dish, high in cholesterol, but it’s quite delicious to be eaten with rice.

The last dish, tom yam fish was served while we are busy with the crab stuff. So, no photo was captured.

If you are from Bayan Lepas International Airport, Teluk Kumbar Seafood is located at the back of an abandoned Yellow Bus Terminal on the left, just before the junctions to Balik Pulau and to Gertak Sanggul.


4 Responses to “Teluk Kumbar Seafood”

  1. daphne Says:

    oh nice! too bad about the roe crab but I will certainly dig into the salty duck yolk one! kekekeke. especially with man tou!

  2. wenching & esiong Says:

    Yeah, the spicy and sour chicken do look a bit dark in colour. The signature tofu dish looks good. How was the dinner overall?

  3. PenangTuaPui Says:

    wow.. this is a nice place to have the sea food… looks so yummy…

    i like the crab sooo much… yummmm yummmm

  4. Calvin Ang Says:

    Great info u provided

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