Macedoine Dining @ Queensbay Mall

Hubby and I went shopping at Queensbay Mall on last Wednesday night, which was also Awal Muharam eve. I expect there will be crowds due to it’s public holiday on the next day, but surprisingly, the whole shopping mall is so quiet.

We decided to take our dinner at Macedoine Dining, based on Wai Wai’s recommendation on its set meal. It’s located at the ground floor, the end corner, which is on top of the Old Town Cafe from the basement.

The seating places is not much due to its space limitation. However, you can choose the open air seating place outside the building.

They offer economic set lunch at RM10.60 and set dinner at RM14.80, with additional 10% of service charge. The set meal consist of soup and drink of the day with the main course.

The drink of the day, sweet ice tea.

The soup of the day, mushroom creamy soup.

Jack ordered Fisherman Basket. It consists of Dory fish fillet, prawn, calamari ring, potato wedges and coleslaw. Taste wise, Jack commented it met his expectation, just that the serving is too small for him.

I ordered this Chicken chop set. It consists of crispy boneless chicken thigh, which was pre-cut into 3 pieces, saute potato and coleslaw. The sauce is to my liking. It’s just in its accurate quantity to make the crispy chicken chop taste so well. It is different from other chicken chops that I tried before. Normally those that I had will have the sauce pour over the chicken chop, and the chicken is no longer crispy.

Both of us satisfied with our dinner. It cost for RM32.56.

Add: Ground floor No. 126 Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Tel: 04-6562128.


6 Responses to “Macedoine Dining @ Queensbay Mall”

  1. yammylicious* Says:

    fisher man backet look good!! slurp!!

  2. New Kid On the Blog Says:

    I heard this place is kinda economical.

  3. lingzie Says:

    have not tried this place yet! i think it used to be something else right? will go try it soon… 🙂

  4. daphne Says:

    nice set! great value for $

  5. Christy Says:

    I didn’t know this place!!
    Thanks thanks Celine, I will try it soon and next to post on it too!!:D

  6. Nicholas Says:

    I also don’t know this place. Above Old Town not Lao Ba Cha meh? Hehe.

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