Restaurant Loke Thiem Hakka @ Patani Jaya, SP

Restaurant Loke Thiem Hakka in Patani Jaya, Sungai Petani is a famous place to dine out for local Chinese over there. It has been operating for the pass ten years, I guess. My father in law will sometimes bring us there for a simple dinner when we are back to SP.

The restaurant consist of 2 shop houses.

We ordered their signature tofu in clay pot style. The tofu’s texture is smooth and silky, and it tastes delicious with fragrant egg. A lot of vegetables were added such as sweet peas, sweet baby corns, cauliflower, carrot and “wood ear” fungus. Besides, prawns and fish balls were added as well.

Belacan fried chicken wings, taste ordinary, in my opinion the belacan smell not too strong.

Steamed White Pomfret with lots of tomatoes, ginger and salted vegetables. It tastes sourish, and not too salty.

Stir-fry water spinach in sambal belacan. Just an average dish.

I’m not sure how much did it cost for the dinner. My father in law paid the bill 🙂 . But for sure, eating out in SP is much more cheaper than in Penang.


2 Responses to “Restaurant Loke Thiem Hakka @ Patani Jaya, SP”

  1. Christy Says:

    Simple but homey meal:)
    And it’s definitely cheaper; I agree too!:D

  2. yammylicious* Says:

    Belacan fried chicken wings.. special!! should be tasted good! ngor oii kai yik!

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