Monday Blue…

It’s Monday again, sigh… ( I wish I have another few days to rest at home. I feel so lazy lately. May be because of I’m still in holiday mood, or I’m anticipating for this coming Awal Muharam, Thaipusam and Chinese New Year festival, or I feel bored at work, or I’m too exhausted to clean up the house during the weekend… Tons of excuses. I know I have to work to earn a living, to pass time, to gain knowledge, to improve my skills, to socialize… but still Monday blue is not avoidable, hmm…


4 Responses to “Monday Blue…”

  1. daphne Says:

    yeah.. unfortunately it’s always there! but look forward to the next weekend right?

  2. ling239 Says:

    another one month’s time is cny d oh…
    like it or not have to start do some cleanning up otherwise running out of time d =.=”

  3. lotsofcravings Says:

    its a pain in the arse to start work..when u hav hols so often here n there..looks like no mood to start work until after cny!

  4. 24HrMom Says:

    me too. Very lazy to go work.. and early in the morning… traffic very very jam. 😦

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