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Seafood Dinner @ Hai Boey, Teluk Kumbar

January 29, 2008

On 12th Oct 2007, the day when my Gynae, Dr Quah confirmed my baby’s heart beat at 7 weeks, hubby and I celebrated that meaningful day having our dinner at Hai Boey, Teluk Kumbar. Both of us were so delighted with the good news.


You can enjoy yourself with the sea breeze while having your seafood dinner.

This is their famous dish, fish in clay pot. We selected garoupa. The fish is fresh and their special sauce made the fish so flavourful. I noticed almost every table order this dish.

A roe crab and a meat crab, they called it as Thai style butter crabs. Both of us were addicted by the aroma. We like it very much.

Belacan fried chicken, just an ordinary dish.

Their signature tofu. Again, I found another delicious tofu dish with luffa. Smooth and silky. You can just taste the original tofu, as no dried prawns for garnishing. It’s great!

Kindly take note, a lot of postings provided their location is at Gertak Sanggul, but bear in mind, it’s actually located in Teluk Kumbar.

Their add: 29, MK9, Pasir Belanda,
Teluk Kumbar, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Operating hours 6:00pm – 11:00pm
HP: 0134881114, 0194791114, 0124981114


Home Alone

January 25, 2008

Argh……Jack is away again on business trip. Leave me alone here……Luckily my house is not so far away from my parents’. Mom always call me back for lunch and dinner on her home cooked healthy meal. It’s considered lucky to have my parents take care of me during my pregnancy. 😛

Anyway, I spend my time reading some magazines & pregnancy books, listening to classical musics, making CNY cookies, playing PSP, chatting with Jack through phone, and of course to enjoy baby’s movement. Although I’m spending time alone, and yet I found it precious and rich 🙂 .

Anticipating for Jack to come back this Sunday night. I miss you, Jack…

Teluk Kumbar Seafood

January 24, 2008

Last Saturday night, Jack and I dine out with our friends Michael, Stella and their little girl, Alicia. Micheal suggested to go Teluk Kumbar Seafood, or most likely known as “Hao You” (Good Friend in Mandarin). They have been there for quite often while it’s just the first time for Jack and I.

We reached there about 7.15pm, and the place were already crowded. We chose a seating place on the beach, which enable us to view the sea, the fisherman boats, and of course the nice view of sun set. Too bad the photo taken was too dark 😦 . Alicia had a lot of fun playing at the seaside, while we adults were enjoying our dinner.

Stir-fried vegetable.

Their signature tofu with dried mushrooms and siew bak choi.

Sour and spicy chicken wings. A bit dark in colour.

The satay, which is pre-marinated in satay sauce, cost for 70 cents per stick. It’s a bit sweet. Honestly said, I prefer the ordinary satay with the satay sauce serve separately. I find the satay selling at Teluk Bayan hawker centre is more delicious, with 50 cents per stick only.

By the time we ordered the food, roe crab was no longer available. We had no choice but to order 4 meat crabs stir-fried in salty duck egg yolk. Not a healthy dish, high in cholesterol, but it’s quite delicious to be eaten with rice.

The last dish, tom yam fish was served while we are busy with the crab stuff. So, no photo was captured.

If you are from Bayan Lepas International Airport, Teluk Kumbar Seafood is located at the back of an abandoned Yellow Bus Terminal on the left, just before the junctions to Balik Pulau and to Gertak Sanggul.

It’s A Miracle!

January 21, 2008


2nd of Oct, 2007, I’ll never forget how excited I was at that moment. My menstrual was supposed to due in the past 2 weeks, but then still delaying. I’ve decided to take a home pregnancy test to get an answer. Initially I was quite disappointed with only single line appeared, however after 20 seconds another truly fainted line started to show up. Oh Goodness! I’m so excited! Can’t believe it. It’s a miracle!

It’s an excited moments, but it was also the starting stage for my worries. I kept on asking lots of questions in my mind. Is my HCG level normal? What’s the reason I got only fainted line? Do I have false pregnancy? Or ectopic pregnancy? How about miscarriage? Oh God! I was getting mad!

Now seems everything has settle down. The first trimester has been finally passed. Now moving on for my second trimester. I’m now at my 20 weeks. Hurray!

Fish & Co. @ 1-Utama Shopping Centre

January 20, 2008

Having dinner alone in a shopping mall. So lonely…Anyway, I decided to have a big set of complete meal to fill up my hunger. So, I walked in to the Fish & Co.

“One bite & you’re hooked”, fish & Co.’s slogan.

I ordered a set of seafood platter. The platter consisted of seasonal fish, calamari, and prawns in creamy lemon butter sauce, serve with rice and French fries. Not bad, just that I can’t finish the rice. What a waste!

The sauces served together with the seafood platter.