Thai Food @ Cherry Blossom

Jack and I visited Cherry Blossom on the Christmas eve. Cherry Blossom serves Thai food. It’s located in housing area, which is quite isolated.

We ordered a medium size belacan fried rice for 2, cost for RM9. Compared to previous visits, I found that the ingredient has been reduced, and the flovour has deteriorated compared to last time. Luckily it’s not too bad since we took some other dishes as well. Eating it alone definitely is not satisfying.

The appetizer, pandan chicken, cost for RM1.30 per piece. The taste is a bit weird, I think is because they add too much pepper. Besides, it’s over grilled, the corners are burnt.

Thai style deep fried kang kung, cost for RM10. It’s my favorite dish to order during every visit. It’s sweet and crispy. You will find it very appetizing if eating together with the garnished onion, chili padi and dried prawns.

Prawn Tom Yam, consist of 4 big prawns and some mushrooms. The Tom Yam soup is flavorful and spicy. It cost for RM16.

Thai Restaurant Cherry Blossom
18, Chankat Sungai Ara 6,
11900 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-644 8867

Business Hour
12.00 noon – 3.00pm
6.00pm – 10.00pm
Closed on Tuesday

Location map:



6 Responses to “Thai Food @ Cherry Blossom”

  1. New Kid On The Blog Says:

    I’ve been there… but that time didn’t have a blog of my own… so no posting…. 😦

  2. Christy Says:

    Oooo…I am supposed to go there today; for my Dept Head’s farewell lunch. Googled for the restaurant name and found your blog…thanks Celine!!:D
    Happy New Year!!

  3. daphne Says:

    Happy New YEAR!!!

    And that fried Kang kong is an excellent idea! It looks delicious.. and very yummy.. I’m curious to know that it is sweet rather than spicy.

  4. wmw Says:

    Happy New Year to you….dropped by to wish you and say Hello from NKOTB’s blog!

  5. yammylicious* Says:

    9bucks for the sambal fried rice? tat’s pricey~

  6. lady wong Says:

    Myself and my colleagues(ard 19pax) went to Cherry Blossom for a farewell dinner on past TUE. The dish is nice but the Chrysanthemum drink is cost RM9 per jug, and we’ve finish 5 jars which cost RM45. The bowl of rice is small and cost RM0.90 per bowl. All the guys were not feel enuf for that little rice.
    Btw, the volume of the dish is abit little for us, as we already order “Large” size but it still not looks volumable.
    A/way, the tase of food is nice & gud!

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