Thank You For Being My Friend Award


I would like to thank New Kid On The Blog and Daphne for sharing this award with me. We got to know each other through blogging. Blogging is a fantastic way to make friends from all around the world. Although we do not know each other in real, but we share our opinion, our happiness and sadness through our blog. All this owing to technological development.

Here, I would like to share “thank you for being my friend award” to

1. Elaine WaiWai from Thirty Something

2. Moomookun’s Life v3.00

3. Sugar Bean

4. ai wei

5. yammylicious*

6. jason

Please pass on the award.


5 Responses to “Thank You For Being My Friend Award”

  1. Moomookun Says:

    Hurray, my link is there. Hehe.

  2. yammylicious* Says:

    aww thxQ for the award!! love ya celine! muaxx!!

  3. Wai Wai Says:

    How to claim the award??

  4. ai wei Says:

    hehehehe. thanks for the award! errr… how do i claim ar?!!?!

  5. Wai Wai Says:

    I hereby delighted to accept the award…….. thank you.

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