I’m tagged…

Another mission is calling, tagged by Waiwai .

5 things in my bag:
– wallet
– car key
– tissue
– Sony Ericson’s hand phone
– thumb drive

5 things in my head:
– what to wear tomorrow
– what to eat tonight
– what to do on 1st and 2nd of Jan 2008 (holiday & factory shut down)
– remind myself to relax
– any nice & simple recipe to try out

5 words I frequently use:
– ge (brother in mandarin, which I used to call my hubby)
– good morning
– pa & ma (this is how I call my parents)
– got meh?
– nice hor?

5 recent text messages received:
– a Christmas wish (from Siew Hooi, my ex-colleague)
– friend, can you attend my wedding dinner at Starview? (from Hooi Ling, my university course mate)
– an early Christmas wish (from George, my primary school’s classmate)
– I’ll go to mom’s place later (from my eldest sister)
– dear, just back to office (from my hubby)

5 recent things I just did:
– went for lunch at my mom’s place
– did some documentation
– blogging
– chatting with my colleagues
– reading & replying e-mails

5 things in my wardrobe:
– clothes
– new body shampoo & shampoo
– accessories
– handbags
– maternity wear (newly bought) 😛

5 things I just ate:
– ladies finger stir-fry with sambal belacan
– chicken in ginger & dark soy sauce
– fish cook in “Asam Bly”
– ABC soup
– sour plum sweet

Most of the bloggers are still under holiday mood. Let’s not kacau them at this moment. Mission ended here…


One Response to “I’m tagged…”

  1. 24HrMom Says:

    haha.. I like the “Mission ended here*** ” It’s cute. Seems like you like spicy and sour food. Take good care of your stomach and Happy New Year 2008 !

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