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Thai Food @ Cherry Blossom

December 31, 2007

Jack and I visited Cherry Blossom on the Christmas eve. Cherry Blossom serves Thai food. It’s located in housing area, which is quite isolated.

We ordered a medium size belacan fried rice for 2, cost for RM9. Compared to previous visits, I found that the ingredient has been reduced, and the flovour has deteriorated compared to last time. Luckily it’s not too bad since we took some other dishes as well. Eating it alone definitely is not satisfying.

The appetizer, pandan chicken, cost for RM1.30 per piece. The taste is a bit weird, I think is because they add too much pepper. Besides, it’s over grilled, the corners are burnt.

Thai style deep fried kang kung, cost for RM10. It’s my favorite dish to order during every visit. It’s sweet and crispy. You will find it very appetizing if eating together with the garnished onion, chili padi and dried prawns.

Prawn Tom Yam, consist of 4 big prawns and some mushrooms. The Tom Yam soup is flavorful and spicy. It cost for RM16.

Thai Restaurant Cherry Blossom
18, Chankat Sungai Ara 6,
11900 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-644 8867

Business Hour
12.00 noon – 3.00pm
6.00pm – 10.00pm
Closed on Tuesday

Location map:



I’m tagged…

December 28, 2007

Another mission is calling, tagged by Waiwai .

5 things in my bag:
– wallet
– car key
– tissue
– Sony Ericson’s hand phone
– thumb drive

5 things in my head:
– what to wear tomorrow
– what to eat tonight
– what to do on 1st and 2nd of Jan 2008 (holiday & factory shut down)
– remind myself to relax
– any nice & simple recipe to try out

5 words I frequently use:
– ge (brother in mandarin, which I used to call my hubby)
– good morning
– pa & ma (this is how I call my parents)
– got meh?
– nice hor?

5 recent text messages received:
– a Christmas wish (from Siew Hooi, my ex-colleague)
– friend, can you attend my wedding dinner at Starview? (from Hooi Ling, my university course mate)
– an early Christmas wish (from George, my primary school’s classmate)
– I’ll go to mom’s place later (from my eldest sister)
– dear, just back to office (from my hubby)

5 recent things I just did:
– went for lunch at my mom’s place
– did some documentation
– blogging
– chatting with my colleagues
– reading & replying e-mails

5 things in my wardrobe:
– clothes
– new body shampoo & shampoo
– accessories
– handbags
– maternity wear (newly bought) 😛

5 things I just ate:
– ladies finger stir-fry with sambal belacan
– chicken in ginger & dark soy sauce
– fish cook in “Asam Bly”
– ABC soup
– sour plum sweet

Most of the bloggers are still under holiday mood. Let’s not kacau them at this moment. Mission ended here…

Thank You For Being My Friend Award

December 28, 2007


I would like to thank New Kid On The Blog and Daphne for sharing this award with me. We got to know each other through blogging. Blogging is a fantastic way to make friends from all around the world. Although we do not know each other in real, but we share our opinion, our happiness and sadness through our blog. All this owing to technological development.

Here, I would like to share “thank you for being my friend award” to

1. Elaine WaiWai from Thirty Something

2. Moomookun’s Life v3.00

3. Sugar Bean

4. ai wei

5. yammylicious*

6. jason

Please pass on the award.

Beach Street Nasi Lemak Review

December 27, 2007

Previously Beach Street nasi lemak is highly recommended by nasi lemak lovers in Penang. I blog about it sometime ago in May this year. Check this out.

Jack and I dropped by Sri Weld coffee shop again last week after settle some procedure at the nearby bank. We bought some ikan bilis and prawn nasi lemak for our lunch. We were damn disappointed on the taste. Smaller serving, less ikan bilis, and not spicy at all. It’s just like the ordinary road side nasi lemak. Where is the delicious, flavourful “hot and spicy” nasi lemak we had previously? I miss those…


Previous Beach Street nasi lemak that i had in May 2007.

Recent Beach Street nasi lemak that I had in this December.

Maybe you find that the photo doesn’t look much different, but the taste is. 😦 Just wonder whether the previous Beach Street nasi lemak has shifted to somewhere else. I will ask around to find out more.

Fisherman’s Grill Restaurant @ Sg Ara, Penang

December 26, 2007

Fisherman’s Grill is a nice place to hunt for delicious Western food. I always look forward for their set lunch, which is quite reasonable at RM14.90, with a choice of Fish/Chicken for the main course. For many, it is a popular place for farewell event as it’s not far away from the Bayan Lepas FTZ area. The peaceful environment will enable a nice conversation. I like their friendly service. The waiter will ask us whether the food is satisfying and he will also open the door and great us when it’s time to leave.

Here’s the set lunch that I have ordered the other day: Chicken set in mushroom sauce.

The lime juice, which has mixed with 7-up. It’s so refreshing.

The chicken and mushroom creamy soup – I personally love their creamy soup. It’s really creamy, thick and tasty compared to Pizza Hut’s. You can easily get the mushroom or chicken in every scoop.

The garlic bread.

The main course, grill chicken thigh with mushroom sauce. The serving is considered large for me. They use shiitake mushroom for the sauce instead of button mushroom. It was a fabulous meal for me.

Dessert – the pudding.

Some other main courses that my friend and I ordered before are the oriental fried rice, the fish set, the mixed grill and the fisherman’s basket that consist of salmon and another type of fish, prawns & mussels. Among the all, I found that their chicken main course taste the best. Sometimes, their fish aren’t really fresh. 😛

Add:300, Jalan Relau, Desaria, Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang.
Opening Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm and 6pm-10.30pm
Phone: 04-6436206