A 6 Cents Cheque

I received this cheque from TMnet a couple of weeks ago. I guess it’s the balance amount that TMnet owed me after my dad closed down my old TMnet account. I really don’t know what to do with this 6 cents cheque. Bank in? Throw away? Use the cheque no to buy 4-ekor (Toto, Magnum 4D, or Da Ma Cai)? Anybody have any idea?




5 Responses to “A 6 Cents Cheque”

  1. yammylicious* Says:

    aww tmnet too rich.. so its okies.. hahax! anywya nice blog ya!

  2. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    6 cents? Will the bank accepts 6 cents in the account?

  3. daphne Says:

    this is actually quite funny! a cheque for 6 cents.. i hope u dont hv to pay to bank this in. LOL

  4. Wai Wai Says:

    The cost of the cheque is basically more than 6 cents, TMNet need to exercise this transparent box where you can just drop your unwanted cents, on the other hand you can praise TMNet for their integrity. My advice, frame it up for rememberance.

  5. ai wei Says:

    har?! 6 cents cheque?! this is not april fool right?! haha

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