Dare To Buy Clothes On Line?

Have you ever buy clothes on line? For me, I haven’t buy any yet up to this moment. However, I really like to visit those websites and view through the selling items like dress, blouse, shoes, and accessories. This is so called on line window shopping, hahaha…

There are mainly few reasons for me of not spending money for online shopping:
My reason one: The size description is too brief. I would prefer a matrix contained the measurement of exact dimensions, rather than categorized into S, M, L or XL.

My reason two: The product photo does not give a clear picture to reflect the real material and colour.

My reason three: Price wise (with the extra shipping cost) , it’s almost the same or even higher than those selling in the boutique, which I have a chance to try out for real.

Friends, you are welcome to share your opinion or experience of on line shopping. I really want to know your thoughts.


5 Responses to “Dare To Buy Clothes On Line?”

  1. wenching & esiong Says:

    I don’t have the habit of even looking at window shopping online, prefer to see the real thing in the mall! Agree with you that I couldn’t try it out and I couldn’t even touch the material of the product. Also, I can’t stand the process of waiting for my clothes to be delivered! Haha! I’m impatient!

  2. daphne Says:

    I bought stuff online plenty of times but haven’t tried buying clothes yet. I love window shopping on victoriassecrets.com -lots of pretty clothes there. However, I wondered if what looks good on the model will look good on me? I guess buying gifts and household items are ok… but i’m not that inclined on clothes…

  3. lingzie Says:

    i’ve bought earrings and accessories online. and i recently bought a belly dance costume from ebay. i was happy with what i got. i usually wont buy clothes online, but this particular store on ebay had very good photos. they had an average of 5 photos for each outfit from all angles. and had detailed descriptions also (length of skirt etc) so thats why i bought it! 🙂

  4. Patricia Says:

    I hav always window shop online, i also like to watch the HSN TV catalogue show. I was always tempted to buy something but gave up at the end for some reason. Guess i am a control freak?!!

  5. Ai Wei Says:

    hmmm… i dare not but i always check them out online for latest fashion and then see if there are similar types in the mall or not. it is quite risky to buy online. what if it doesn’t fit you and u have wasted a fortune for it. so, it’s better to check out in shopping mall.

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