An Appreciation To My Elder Sister

UPSR result was just announced recently. Back to my time about years ago, I got my 5As and 1B. I never expected to have 5As. Yes, it was a big surprise to me. 🙂

As the youngest in my family, I always depend on my sister who is 15 years older than me. She was the one who guided me in my studies. She bought me extra revision books and “forced” me to do extra practices. I know I used to be very stubborn and uncooperative. I hate to be “forced”. I hate the extra homework, and not even to mention extra revisions before exam. I didn’t even bother about my results. That’s the reason I didn’t manage to enter the best class from standard one to standard six. I had been keep on staying in the 2nd class through out the six years of my primary school time.

I never realized how lucky I was until my sister got married and have her own family in my standard five’s semester long break. From that moment onwards, I have to be independent in all my school stuff. I have nobody to guide me, and no nobody to teach me. I have to depend on myself to find the answers for whichever queries I have in my mind. I started to feel scared about the upcoming USPR exam. I learned to allocate time for homework, revision, and extra exercises. Surprisingly, I started to grow the interest in learning and study. I felt satisfied whenever I managed to solve the problems, and achieved good results in my exam. I was never attended tuition class until 2 months prior the UPSR. I requested my mother to find me a tuition teacher mainly to teach me on essay writing (Malay & Mandarin). With all the effort and hard work, I got my great harvest.

I really appreciate my sister’s effort to guide me through out my childhood. Without her, definitely I may not be who I am now.


6 Responses to “An Appreciation To My Elder Sister”

  1. Wai Wai Says:

    My sister is 8 years my senior, she’s the one who gave me lots of mathematic questions on recycle mahjung papers (mom bought them back after her mahjung session) when I was 7 – 10 years old. Well I know the main reason for her that time is to get rid of me because I was glued to her and she basically has no privacy! But definitely thanks to her, else I won’t landed a degree in Mathematics myself! She’s the one who trained me to read English with proper pronounciation too, aren’t we fortunate to have elder sisters!

  2. Kelly Mahoney Says:

    I’m the oldest, so I hope I have the same influence on my sisters.

  3. Sugar Bean Says:

    I can understand how important our family members are to us. Happy for you that you have a great sister. I’m sure she’ll be proud of you too!

  4. lotsofcravings Says:

    so sweet..shit come to think about it, i didnt really do much as the eldest..maybe bcoz i m a boy..ohh i feel guilty!

  5. Tummythoz Says:

    Wow, a tribute post.

  6. Christy Says:

    This is a really touching post*

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