Roti Jala @ coffeeshop beside Bellisa Row

Sometimes it’s hard to find simple delicacies even in the place like Penang. I’m fortunate enough to find Roti Jala in a coffee shop (kopitiam) beside Bellisa Row. Any person would bypass this place without taking a second look..what’s more in a place where you can find segafredo, secret recipe, jurin, and many many other shops around.

Okay, what makes the roti jala good is the curry that goes with it. I wouldn’t say this place serve the best curry, but to me it is quite delicious. Just look at the texture and you can get the idea…


Cost per plate is RM3. Not bad if you want to get a quick snack during lunch.


10 Responses to “Roti Jala @ coffeeshop beside Bellisa Row”

  1. Kelly Mahoney Says:

    The curry looks pretty tasty to me too.

  2. daphne Says:

    Rm$3 for this!?!? I want!

  3. Nicholas Says:

    Yeah, the curry got to be nice or else it won’t taste good. Laksa Shack does has Roti Jala but it isn’t nice and cost about RM7.00 like that.

  4. Christine Says:

    I miss this a lot! can’t even remember when’s the last time I had Roti Jala.. and RM3?? Cheap!! ;P

  5. wenching & esiong Says:

    Eh, same as Christine, I can’t remember when’s the last time having roti jala. Gosh, I feel so hungry now!

  6. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    😀 I didn’t notice there’s a shop selling this…. shame on me…

  7. lingzie Says:

    is this the agnes kuen roti jala? i saw the stall sometime ago and have been wanting to try it but when it was not open when i went one saturday afternoon…does she sell only at night?

  8. meldarren Says:

    hi i’ve been to the stall many times….the roti jala is really delicious…must trylah…by the way my daugther loves the roti jala so much that other hawker food she do not want to eat…..:-)

  9. Est.t Says:

    im lovin it………..??????????da best of the best

  10. Joey Says:

    I just would like to add that it was nice to taste such rare food which commonly not seen at many places. I enjoyed every bit of it to the last bite. It’s certainly a good food to taste and everyone should try it. Well done!

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