Hawker Delights @ New World Park

Last month I made a posting on New World Park, and now let me just focus on the food court.
A lot of hawker food available here, including Western food and Penang’s hawker food. There are wantan mee, Hokkien mee, curry mee, char koay teow, lor bak, cucur udang, yam kuih, ban cheng kuih, tom yam noodle, ikan bakar, pizza, etc…You named it and you have it.

Jack ordered an ice kacang. It cooled down the body. πŸ™‚

Hot and spicy curry mee. A lot of ingredients, including prawns, cockles, tau pok, cuttle fish and mint leaves as garnishing. The chili paste is quite fragrant, it brought up the taste of the curry soup. It cost for RM3 per bowl, quite reasonable. I just curious that not much people order the uncle’s curry mee. When I walked out from the food court, just realized that there’s another curry mee stall near the entrance. I believe that’s the famous one compared to the one that we ordered from. Anyhow, we didn’t feel regret as we like the curry mee very much.

Char koay teow, the famous hawker food. You gotta wait quite long for your turn, due to the high demand.

After taking the char koay teow and curry mee, still haven’t satisfy yet, so we order another dish, the wantan mee. The wantan mee is delicious, though it’s a bit oily (sesame oil). The noodle is just nice, QQ, and the wantan’s filling is quite flavorful.


7 Responses to “Hawker Delights @ New World Park”

  1. ling239 Says:

    The curry mee looks good, at least not cover with oil ~

  2. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    Have not gotten a chance to post another post of mine… When see you post something new… I will be telling myself, must act fast…. πŸ™‚

  3. daphne Says:

    just looking at hawker food makes me hungry. Wantan mee sounds so good right now.

  4. Sugar Bean Says:

    Aww… I just wish that I can visit Penang only for food! The char koay teow made me feel so hungry!!

  5. ai wei Says:

    me too, sugar bean! i wan that char koay teow… looking good and delicious

  6. Nicholas Says:

    Got people tell me the Hokkien Mee there nice, I didn’t tried b4 though. And the Wan Tan Mee is quite nice. =)

  7. Christy Says:

    I was also here a few weeks ago!!:D
    Wow…seems like you tried all the Penang local hawker delights!:)
    Great pics btw!!;)

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