Damn Free At Work

I’m so so so free, really free at work. Nothing to do, really, not joking. I feel so bored at work. I even feel sad when I reach the factory early in the morning. Our production line is running at very low output. I guess part of the reason is low product demand and the whole electronic industry is not performing well. Furthermore the products under my area are those stable products, which are matured and not much process changes involve. So, indirectly the quality issues will be less compared to those complicated products or those products which are still at their infant stage. I’m a quality person in charge, if there’s any issue feedback, I’ll be busy dealing with our counterparts in US, involve in conference calls, driving production and engineering for corrective action and improvement plan. So, for me, stable product = less issue = less improvement required = less job lor……No umphhhh! So what can I do? I clean up my work place, tidy up my document tray, surf net, read newspaper, provide some job trainings to my subordinates, and now I’m blogging. 😛


3 Responses to “Damn Free At Work”

  1. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    oh God!!!! me busy like hell man!!! meeting whole day today… i was busy since mid august until now… even reach home also gotta work…

  2. Spit Fire Says:

    Wah look like we are having the same symptom. Am just started to play the Warbook in the Facebook. But anyway will be spending less and less time on that liao. Thinking of using the free and available time to develop myself further in term of all aspect which I lack of. Ganbade we can do it……. Cheerrrrrrrrrrr…………..

  3. Spit Fire Says:

    HIPOT thing r should be no problem currently just pending some calibration box fabrication and US reponse loh. Wah wat a life, work like a dead body with no vision and light ahead. Think time has come for change alr, cannot be like that else will sooner or later lost all my dream.

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