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Lean Gaik Hokkien Mee @ Chai Leng Park

November 30, 2007

Jack and I dropped by this shop for hokkien mee at Chai Leng Park when we were on the way back to Sungai Petani.
Lean Gaik Hokkien Mee, the specialist for Hokkien mee in mainland. Other side dishes are also available here, like lor egg, mantis prawn, roasted pork, Hokkien fish ball, etc.

Hokkien mee, ordered by Jack. The ingredients included fish cake, “char siew”, prawns, lor egg, kangkung, bean sprouts, and garnished with crispy deep fried shallots. The thing that I like about this shop is I can add as much as chili paste I want. 🙂 The chili paste is available at each table.

I prefer thickened broth, so I order Hokkien lor mee. The ingredients are the same as the Hokkien mee, except the crispy shallots. Just wonder whether they have forgotten to add it in 😦 .Both regular Hokkein mee and Hokkien lor mee cost for RM2.50 per bowl. The serving is small like other hawker’s serving.

We also order some side dishes, lor eggs were one of them.

Hokkien fish balls- big size fish balls, cost for 50 cents per piece.

Chicken poh piah.

The bill cost for RM11.50 for the above food. I rate it as average. My mum’s home cooked Hokkien mee is much more delicious, hahaha…


Botanical Garden

November 29, 2007

Jack and I went to Botanical garden the other day for a stroll. It was a sunny day and the monkeys were busy with their “monkey business” 😛 The population of monkeys is slowly increasing as far as I can see. It will be just a matter of time before the authorities relocate these bunch of hoohaa to another place. In mean time, life goes on as usual…

A bunch of “beggar” monkeys

hmmm…nice beer…how come everything turns upside down

One thing my hubby and I love about the place is the abundance of vegetation, including some funny looking trees like the Canon Ball tree…looks like melons hanging on the tree, isn’t it?
A medium size tree with brown globular fruits, which attain the size of human head

When this place is not crowded, it is very nice to take a walk, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the landscape…everything is so green and colorful, it is almost as good as taking a vacation…:)
Quite a nice view, isn’t it?

Nice flowers..

Almost like tropical jungle

Recommended place to go if you got nothing to do in your weekends in Penang.

A 6 Cents Cheque

November 27, 2007

I received this cheque from TMnet a couple of weeks ago. I guess it’s the balance amount that TMnet owed me after my dad closed down my old TMnet account. I really don’t know what to do with this 6 cents cheque. Bank in? Throw away? Use the cheque no to buy 4-ekor (Toto, Magnum 4D, or Da Ma Cai)? Anybody have any idea?



Secret Recipe @ Bellisa Row

November 26, 2007

It has been raining a lot lately and sometimes it happened to be lunch time. And so it was raining the other day when my hubby and I came out for lunch…tsk tsk tsk, even with umbrella I doubt we could survive the onslaught of the heavy tropical rain. So we decided to nearest place possible for lunch….which is Bellisa Row itself. We have a couple of choice here, Segafredo, Jurin, Restaurant Italia, but we settled for Secret recipe, mainly because we’ll bleed less cash there 😛

We ordered Set C:
Fish & Chips + Ice lemon tea + Brownies of the day
The fish & chip was not bad, but the serving is nothing to shout about if compared to fish & co

We “tapau” the brownies for tea break

Yes, look at this delicious-ly looking brownies, mouth watering isn’t it? 😛

Set C cost about RM19.80++. Like I said, it is the only place we bleed less cash at Bellisa Row.

Dare To Buy Clothes On Line?

November 23, 2007

Have you ever buy clothes on line? For me, I haven’t buy any yet up to this moment. However, I really like to visit those websites and view through the selling items like dress, blouse, shoes, and accessories. This is so called on line window shopping, hahaha…

There are mainly few reasons for me of not spending money for online shopping:
My reason one: The size description is too brief. I would prefer a matrix contained the measurement of exact dimensions, rather than categorized into S, M, L or XL.

My reason two: The product photo does not give a clear picture to reflect the real material and colour.

My reason three: Price wise (with the extra shipping cost) , it’s almost the same or even higher than those selling in the boutique, which I have a chance to try out for real.

Friends, you are welcome to share your opinion or experience of on line shopping. I really want to know your thoughts.