Why Traffic Instructor(s) At Traffic Lights?

I think all the children were taught on traffic lights since they were in their nursery or even younger. If we understand the functionality of the traffic lights, shouldn’t we classified it as a full proof system, based on it’s ability to ensure all motorist to cross the road or junction safely referring on the indication provided and to assist in regulating the traffic flow to ensure smoothness.

So, supposingly if the traffic lights timer were set accordingly (longer time allocated for the specific direction based on the traffic flow), it should be able to reduce the long queue at the junction, right? Then, why do we still need traffic instructor(s) to be on duty at the traffic light locations?

I always face the same situation everyday, when I’m on my way to work. Just for your information, it normally takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach my working place. However, it will take me about an hour to arrive at my working place WHENEVER there is a traffic police interfering/ directing the traffic. The direction towards the factory from my place is the one with the heaviest traffic flow, but the instructor(s) always allow the other directions to pass by the junction without consider the long queue (2km, I guess) that we are facing. Why? They create unnecessary terrible traffic jam instead of running their duties to reduce the heavy traffic! Wasting people’s time only. Let’s say it takes 30 minutes from each person, and estimated there are minimum of 200 people involved, calculation shows that at minimum, total of 6,000 minutes = 100 hours = 4 days are wasted. Hah, unbelievable! Our precious time just wasted because of the traffic instructor(s)’s misjudgment? Oh, my goodness!

Do you face the same problem?


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