Hongkie Kopitiam @ e-Gate, Penang

I have not been to e-Gate since last farewell organized by my boss in March, last year. e-Gate is one of the popular spot for youngsters. People used to hang out in the cafe enjoying chit-chat with friends and surfing net with the Wifi facility. We went to the Hongkie Kopitiam, at e-Gate during this Raya celebration. Usually it’s pretty crowded during lunch time, so we just went there during odd hours for tea break at 5.20pm. In fact, it was our early dinner as well. The cafe serves Hong Kong and Macau food, ranges from sandwich, burger, noodle, rice, etc…

Hongkie Kopitiam at e-Gate, the commercial lot located at Coaster Highway, opposite to Tesco Hypermarket.

The entrance view.

The interior decoration.

Fruitful Promise- fruitea with honey. To be honest, it’s tasteless.

Ten, ten ten ten, ten ten, ten ten (don’t know why so many ten) – Fried chicken wings topped with sunny side up and veges in big bowl of rice. When they serve the meal, everything is cool, except the chicken wings. I found it quite tasty with all the combination, fragrant chicken wings, chicken floss, stripped fried egg, sweet corn, “siu bak choi” and crispy papadum.

Zui Quan special – Juicy pork fillet marinated and cook to perfection with sprinkles of sesame seeds. Served in whole with in-house specialty fried rice. The pork fillet is sweet and savory. Not bad.


7 Responses to “Hongkie Kopitiam @ e-Gate, Penang”

  1. Christine Says:

    the pork fillet with rice looks delicious.. but I seldom order any rice based dishes at HK style restaurant though..

  2. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    I heard the food taste is deterioting…. as well as the service…

  3. Ai Wei Says:

    the drink has a nice name — fruitful promise… too bad it is tasteless

  4. wenching & esiong Says:

    I’m not sure if there’s e-gate in KL or where it is. But I enjoy dining in Kim Gary, love their food there.

  5. daphne Says:

    i’m surprised that the drink is tasteless! food looks reasonable but I’m sure there are other Hong Kong style places that are better. =)

  6. Nicholas Says:

    I like the fried chicken and the pork fillet, next time must tell dad bring me there to try already. Love your photos.

  7. Mary Says:

    I found your blog by accident but am glad I did

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