Nokia 6500 slim classic


After the success of 6300, Nokia is now introducing another candybar…the Nokia 6500 classic. The new 6500 features 3G connectivity and 1GB built in memory, which is reasonable jump from 6300 (3G is getting common these days). However, the phone packs only a meager 2MP camera, partly due to its slim profile. The mobile sports an onboard music and video player for mobile entertainment and is equipped with a 24bit (16-million)-color QVGA (320 x 240-pixel) display. Although there is no expansion slot, the 1GB built in memory is enough to store 1,000 photos or 250 songs.

Is it worth to buy? Well, that depends. If you are out for the looks then probably yes. But if you want function and features, then there are many other phones out there with better specs.



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