Having Snacks @ Gurney Drive Hawker Corner

Once a while I’ll go to Gurney Drive. Besides want to have a nice walk along the pathway by the seaside, the other motive is to go for my favorite snacks.

The hawker food corner at Gurney Drive.

The original lok lok. Several types of sauce available here. The most popular will be the satay sauce, followed by hot & spicy sauce and the sweet sauce (suitable for children). They serve few kind of fish balls, meat balls, crocks, clams, sausages, fried lor bak, century eggs, bird eggs, sotong with kangkung, sotong with celery, and some others…The food is prepared in bamboo stick, like satay. 70 cents for each stick. What you need to do is just to cook the food in the boiling water, and add whichever sauce you like. The food availability is almost the same for those buffet steamboat, just that the food here is fresher than the other.

This is the modified lok lok. Most of the food here has been deep fried. I prefer the original lok lok than this. Just that I can’t take too much of deep fried food. I will easily feel full with only a little of deep fried food. Don’t know why.

Rojak, a mixture of fruits, vegetables and “yau char kuai” in rojak sauce, with peanut topping.

Ice kacang, with a scoop of ice-cream.

Si guo th’ng (in mandarin)


5 Responses to “Having Snacks @ Gurney Drive Hawker Corner”

  1. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    ai yo… my favourite lok lok!!!

  2. Elaine Says:

    The lok lok looks delicious……… yummy yummy….

  3. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    that’s what every floggers have…

  4. daphne Says:

    aww..i remember gurney drive well. Went there earlier in the year on our penang trip. Nice! Just looking at the pictures bring back memories!

  5. Christy Says:

    Wow….I have been there only like once or twice..some kinda tourist and working person in Penang I am ya:p
    The Si Guo Th’ng and Ice Kacang looks cool:)

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