New game for PSP – God of War

Jack and I used to take turns to get our hands on the PSP when we got nothing to do. I love puzzle games like Lumines and Lumines II, but sometimes, I just wanna try out new games in the market. The game developers have been a bit slow churning out good games for PSP lately and I have not touch the device for quite some time. Start to feel a bit bored of the same old type of sub-standard games….until I saw that God of War for PSP!God of War is a very popular PS2 game and had won itself game of the year award in 2005. And now, the PS2 franchise will be coming soon on the PSP platform early march 2008. It is a breathtaking game with oversized creatures, flaming arrows, fighting soldiers, and bodies flying all over the place…u get the idea. Actually what I like about this game is the graphics and the controls. The detailed, stylized visuals really attract a lot of attention and it’s hard to believe the sheer size of the game could fit into a portable package.

Look nice eh, wait till u see the monster..

Rrrrrrr…naughty dragon..



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