A Healthy Meal for A Healthier Life

Weekend is always the good time to try out some new recipes. I am a proponent of simple recipes. I always want to try some really simple home cooked dishes, which the ingredients are easy to get, and no deep fry process is needed. Haha…the basic requirement for a lazy person like me. Last week, found some ingredients from Jusco, Queensbay Mall. Bought some organic vegetables, soft tofu, dried mushrooms, chicken drumsticks…which enable me to come out with the 3 dishes.

Ma Po Tofu, my own version. Click here for the recipe.

Stir fry organic Kai Lan in oyster sauce.

Yin tonic. Click here for the recipe.

Not bad, at least it is a balance diet, which also considered as a healthy meal, right?


One Response to “A Healthy Meal for A Healthier Life”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Celine, nowadays not many can cook, Jack is sure one lucky guy to have you, when are you cooking for me ah?

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