Happy Mooncake Festival!

Tomorrow will be the 15th day of 8th lunar month in Chinese calendar. It’s mooncake festival again! Mooncake festival is also known as Lantern festival. Kids are happy with their lantern or tung lung while we are enjoying the mooncake and gong chai peng. Beside lantern and mooncake, other symbols that represent this meaningful celebration are pamelo, “bull’s horn (ling jiao), and water chestnut.

Sweet and savory mooncake.

The mooncake is best served with hot tea.

Bull’s horn. It’s a kind of nut from floating water plant, looks exactlty like a bull’s face.

Wish you all a Happy Mooncake Festival!


3 Responses to “Happy Mooncake Festival!”

  1. ipohchai Says:

    wow I just manage to eat a couple piece of jelly mooncake this year. haven’t get to eat these authentic one.
    didn’t really feel the heat of the festive season….

  2. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    Eeeee…. mooncake, too sweet for me leh!!!

  3. Elaine Says:

    You should go to Sg. Ara, there is one aunty and 3 kids playing with candles and lots of tang lung at their balcony…… why ah? Maybe parents are too busy with work nowadays and by the time they got back already too tired to light up tang lung for their kids and furthermore nowadays you just need to switch on or off the tang lung. Last Sat I brought my kids to a Lantern Festival event, plenty of kids with their tang lung walked around Desaria garden…

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