Get ready for WordPress 2.3

Time has come again for the big upgrade. Not a small one or a normal one, but a BIG one. Prepare yourself, as WordPress is releasing a version on 24th Sept (Monday)! You can almost hear the cheers of die-hard fans out there, screaming for the ultimate arrival, much like in the Michael Jackson concert. You can also hear the groans and cries of the conservatives out there who don’t like to meddle with their blogs. Either way, we can’t change the inevitable. WordPress 2.3 is coming out tomorrow.


So what’s the fuss all about? What are the pros and cons of the upgrade?

As with any upgrade, you got to enjoy new features. WordPress 2.3 comes with built in tagging feature that allows user to generate a tag cloud for their blog.
The Post and Draft Management has been improved using filters
New post status “Pending Review” added
Notification for plugins update
Better Visual Editor buttons
Other Power User features

Some plugins may not work
Templates may need to modify to add tag support
Some bugs may still hide inside the new version

So is it worth the upgrade? Well, we’ll see tomorrow. For those who have tried RC1, please comment :>



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