Dine Out @ KingsBay Restaurant

After 5 days of hectic work, people are either rushing home for a rest or going out for a night-life. Everybody is in TGIFriday mood. That’s why Friday evening is always traffic jam everywhere. Hubby and I always dine out on Friday night, and go for shopping. Normally we have simple dinner at the same places, Restaurant Kampar Fish Jelly or the food court at the market near Suhshine Square. Thought of eating the same food again and again……yak!!! Made me loss appetite. It drove me to suggest a new place as destination. Hmm……How about KingsBay Restaurant? Ok!

We ordered Menu B. It consist of 3 dishes, a soup and dessert.

Crispy chicken in Marmite sauce. Found that the taste was there, but the chicken was not really crispy, and the sauce was a bit salty.

KingsBay special bean curd, garnished with dried prawn, spring onions and chili. The tofu was tasty, but the dried prawns were too tough.

This dish was suppose to be fried Asparagus in sambal sauce, but it turned out to be “Luo Han Zhai”. Reason given was the Asparagus was out of stock. We were asked to select other veggie dishes. Ingredients included mushrooms, snow fungus, broccoli, cauliflower, and wheat gluten.

Braised pork belly with salted fish in clay pot. The pork belly slices were extra thin. Seems like was being deep fried before it was braised. Not bad.

Soup of the day, just a normal veggie soup.


Overall rating: average. It’s a good place to go if you are really hungry for food, because they serve food very fast.


One Response to “Dine Out @ KingsBay Restaurant”

  1. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    Hahahaa…. I went there last Friday… check this out… http://mylovemyfood.blogspot.com/2007/09/kings-bay-restaurant.html

    I quite like the Marmite Crispy Chicken wor….

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