A Memorable Wedding Dinner @ Setia Pearl Island

It’s time to witness a loving couple’s wedding. My primary school mate Man Huat just married her lovely wife, Shirley yesterday. We were invited to his wedding dinner located at Setia Pearl Island.

Road map to Setia Pearl Island.

L3 Grand Ballroom.

We were seated at Table 1.

The ceremony began with the lovely couple walked into the ballroom hand in hand. Shirley presented a mandarin song all the way to the VIP table.

Man Huat claimed that this is the best live band he could ever found in Penang. They have conducted performance to more than 3000 events. No doubt they warm up the hall, and each of the team member played their roll well either in singing, or music playing. We got a chance to enjoy a good quality live band performance. Quite good.

The bride and groom were invited for a dance on the stage.

Cake-cutting ceremony.

Champaign pouring.

The champaign pouring ceremony was followed by the groom’s performance. He presented a plugged solo. He sang a song conveying his love to Shirley. He acted with great bravura. At the end of the song, he said “I love U, Shirley”, and Shirley replied, I love you too…. OOoooo…so sweet, and romantic.

Man Huat made an excuse to the washroom. He came back with a bouquet in his hand, singing a love song dedicated to Shirley. He gave such a surprise to Shirley.

He held the bride’s hand, leading her to the stage. He told the guests that he never propose to Shirley. Shirley married him so easily. He bent down on one knee, proposed to Shirley, “Will you marry me?”,”I do!” replied Shirley with tears in her eyes…..OOooooo……so touching…….an applause to Man Huat. A courageous guy. I believe his proposal will be an eminent nostalgia for both of them.

I would say that this is an extraordinary wedding dinner that I have ever attended. The focus was on the bride and groom, but not on the eight-course Chinese dinner. Blessing to this lovely couple!



2 Responses to “A Memorable Wedding Dinner @ Setia Pearl Island”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Still got such guy living on this earth oh? The magic wedding is over, I do hope this couple’s marriage will last forever. I once attended marriage counselling before I got married and the pastor said, marriage is a funny thing, those who are already in it would like to jump out of it and for those who are not in it, they would like to jump in it. Ha Ha, been married for 8 years now, we still hold hands when we went out together (without the kids) and I’m thankful we are still pretty much in love now, not so much on the romantic feeling but more on commitment to each other.

  2. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    I agreed to Elaine…. there’s no magic marriage in this world…. it’s more of love, respect, understand and compromise.

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