World of CG – unbelievable? believe it!

With the advancement of hardwares and softwares, computer generated graphics has reached a stage where you can’t differentiate between the real and the fake anymore. I got a chance to experience it first hand when I drop by my colleague’s place to see how’s his animation project going. He showed me several photos that I initially thought was taken by a professional photographer. Then, he showed me the 3D outlines of the objects…OMG, those are not real! Or should I say, the photos looked too real to be a fake.

Below are some of the portfolio:


When asked about how real the CG can go, my colleague just said it depends on how real you want it to be. You can actually generate the whole world using CG if you want to. All you need is money, as the hardwares and softwares don’t come cheap.

With endless possibilities, some people may develop obsession with CG girls. Yeah, there are many people out there who doesn’t appreciate the nature, hehe…..there is even competition for the most beautiful CG girls on the web. See Here



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