Joost beta – yet another internet TV


Creators of Kaaza and skype is now working on a new software to broadcast TV channels online, much like the chinese PPLive mentioned in my previous blog post. It allows you to watch some TV channels for free, with added features like simple IM for chatting while watching your favourite show. It also allows user to rate the shows based on 5 star rating system.

Unfortunately, Joost only available for download if you got any invitation from another user. If not, you’ll need to submit a request for invitation from the website. After you got the invitation and the download link, you’ll get to download 9.83MB Joost Friends Edition installation file.

Joost has a variety of channels from music and sports to travel, adventure, wildlife, sci-fi and animation shows, all in English, good news for those who only watch English channels! The user interface is clean and simple, but the broadcasting speed could have been better. It think it is just a matter of time before the speed is fast enough for a smooth video transmission.

Visit the website now to try it out yourself, after all it’s free.



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