SPF and PA are the two measurement for sun protection capability. The terms can be observed not only in sun protection lotion, but can be also found on cosmetic and skin care products like liquid foudation, stick foundation, compact foundation, body lotion or even hair shampoo.

SPF stands for sun protection factor. It is the index which displays the prevention effect of the UVB wave. In other words, SPF measures the length of time a product protects against skin reddening (sunburn) from UV radiation, compared to how long it takes to redden without protection. The higher the SPF, the more protection a sunblock offers against ultraviolet ray. For example, let’s say a person will have red spots appear on the skin after 20 minutes under sun exposure without sunscreen lotion. If she has suncreen lotion SPF30 applied to her skin, she will manage to extend the time to 30 times before she will got the red spots. 20 minutes x 30 = 600 minutes = 10 hours. Wow! It means the anti-sunburn protection will effective for 10 hour!

On the other hand, PA stands for protection grade of UVA. The index displays the prevention effect of the UVA wave. PA prevents skin darkening under the sun. PA is measured under 3 categories: PA+  enable for UVA protection; PA++ for considerable UVA protection; and PA+++ have the greatest UVA protection capability.

SPF and PA not only protect our skin from darkening or sunburn, but rather than prevent our skin from aging, pigmentation and skin cancer in the long run. So be wise when selecting skin care product.


One Response to “SPF & PA”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Aha, knew about SPF but not PA, good information.

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