Lips Make Up

Lipstick color 1, 2 and 3 that one must have for the new season.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Color 1 (Fig 1,2 & 3): It’s time for playful feminine touch with a sheer pink lip. It brings an effect to a girly look.

Figure 4

Figure 5

Color 2 (fig 4 & 5):Nude lips, a trend that’s here to stay. There are some who look marvelous in the nude lips makeup. However, I personally prefer to show off full lips. I look pale in nude lips.

Figure 6

Color 3 (Fig 6): An aqua sensation moisturizing look. Water shine combines luscious lipstick color and gloss shine into one.

I’ve experimented several methods to apply lipstick, just to discover a better way of getting a pair of lovely lips. I’m satisfied with the result when I followed the few steps below:

Step one: Put on other makeup, and leave the lip make up for the last. Lipstick leaves the final touch to any make-up application.

Step two: Nobody likes cracked and frayed lips. Begin by dabbing on a very small amount of lip balm to give your lips a little moisture.

Step three: Draw a thin line along the edge of your lips with a lip liner (color is slightly darker than your lipstick). Start at the center of the upper lip and work outward. If you get a wobbly line, please remove it and start again.

Step four: Apply lipstick from the tube or by using a firm, small lipstick brush. Coat the lips evenly. Pay special attention to staying within the lips’ edges. Blot to remove any excess color and to even out the texture.

Step five: If you want your lips look plumper and glamorous, apply a thin layer of natural color lip gloss. I love the glossy and seductive shine effect.


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