Seafood Dinner @ Batu Kawan Restaurant

Bukit Tambun and Batu Kawan are local favourites for fresh and cheap seafood. This time we decided to go to Batu Kawan.


It is a town located at the south of Penang mainland. You can go there via the North-South Highway.


To get there you’ll need to know the twist and turns near Batu Kawan stadium. It is not really difficult once you know how to get there. Some hints for you. Once you pass by the BK stadium, you will reach a roundabout. At the roundabout, take the 3 O’clock turning. After a short distance, there is a junction on your left. Turn into the junction and follow the “Z” route until you arrive at a T junction. Turn left and go straight till you see a “Restaurant Batu Kawan” sign on your right.


The restaurant is pretty famous for its cheap and delicious seafood. Most people call it as “Ah Yean Seafood”. It offers a variety of seafood delicacies at attractive prices. Hubby and I ordered 3 crabs, fried mee teow, deep fried squid , kam heong prawns, and nestum mastis prawn.


Steam mud crabs in its natural sweet taste. The claws are my favorites. It is the fleshiest with great texture. Finger licking good for sure!


Deep fried squid. It is a relatively simple dish. It goes well with the sweet and sour chili sauce.


“Kam heong” prawns. “Kam Heong” means savory and aromatic.


Nestum mantis prawn. This is super crunchy. Splendid, yummy!


Fried mee-teow with prawns, crunchy dried prawns, squid and bean sprout. Garnished with spring onion and celery.

The bill cost for RM77.

Fried mee-teow – RM3, nestum mantis prawn – RM6, “Kam heong” prawns – RM12, deep fried squid – RM6, steamed crabs – RM48,and drinks – RM2.

For reservations, you can call 04-5872616 or 019-4133379.


3 Responses to “Seafood Dinner @ Batu Kawan Restaurant”

  1. New Kid on the Blog Says:

    That’s cheap… this is the famous one among the rest in Batu Kawan…. Worth the money for the food also.

  2. Elaine Says:

    I will try this with my church friends (if they are keen)….. how long is the journey from Penang island?

  3. celine Says:

    It will take about 30 minutes.

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