Ghee Hiang Tambun Biscuit

Hubby and I went to ronda-ronda at Georgetown on one Saturday morning. When we passed by “Him Heang”, Jack said he wanted to buy a box of Tambun biscuit. Ok, since there was no parking space available, I just waiting for him in the car. Took this photo from inside of the car.

Jack came back empty handed. Just imagined, the shopkeeper asked him to come back for queue at 3p.m. to try his luck. No guarantee can get. Oh my goodness! Ended up, we went to another famous shop, “Ghee Hiang”. Unlike “Him Heang”, “Ghee Hiang” allocate parking lots for customers.

“Ghee Hiang” logo.

“Ghee Hiang” was established in 150 years ago. Beside its biscuits, “Ghee Hiang” is famous for its sesame oil. Just look for the logo, the sesame oil can be easily found in all the hypermarkets.

We bought a box of Tambun biscuits, or so called small “Tau Sar Pneah”.

One box consist of 32 pcs Tambun biscuits, packed in small sealing bags. 4 in each packet.


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