Banana Leaf Rice @ Passions Of Kerala

Merdeka day afternoon, traffic jam everywhere. Crowds everywhere. Can’t find a place for lunch. Jack suggested banana leaf rice at Passions Of Kerala. Not a bad idea, I’ve never try on banana leaf rice before. We went to the branch located at Gelugor, Penang. It’s an open air restaurant. Quite windy and clean. We ordered 2 sets of vegetarian banana leaf rice, fried chicken for 2 person and 2 glasses of lassi yogurt.

Banana leaf rice is a South Indian cuisine. It is served on fresh banana leaves. It is believed that the hot rice will release the fragrant of banana leaf, and also release the coating on the banana leaf, which aids in digestion.
This is the vegetarian set served on fresh banana leaf. White rice serves with sorts of mixed vegetables, bean curd curry, and papadum, the crispy crackers that able to boost your appetite.

Six pieces of fried chicken for both of us.

Once we are done with our food, we folded the banana leaf into half. We folded it up, as I remember fold up means we satisfied with the food, fold down means the other way round.


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