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Simple Lunch @ Restaurant One One Eight (Wang Chao)

September 30, 2007

Jack and I were ran out of idea where to have our lunch last Saturday. We drove all the way from Bayan Lepas to Bayan Baru, got stuck in the traffic jam near the Sunshine Square. We took the way to Kampung Jawa but couldn’t find a place for food. We felt hungry and frustrated, but still insisted to get some food in a new place. We continued food hunting in Sungai Nibung, and finally we stopped at Taman Pekaka and found this Restaurant One One Eight or most likely known as Wang Chao (in mandarin). I remember last time I brought my parents in law to this shop, but it was closed on that day (Wednesday). The second time when we paid a visit, the restaurant was reserved for a wedding dinner. Poor luck, haven’t got a chance to try the food. This time is considered as the third time, luckily it’s available this time.

Wang Chao is located at Pekaka Square, Sungai Dua, the same building with Restaurant Hai Wai Tien.

The entrance look typically Chinese decoration. A lot of Koi Fishes.

Hot plate Japanese tofu. The sauce was tasteful.

Crispy chicken in Nestum and pandan leaves. We found five or six small pieces of chicken only, the rest were Nestum. The Nestum was not really fragrant. Oh, I missed the Nestum mantis prawn,……

Stir fried kangkung in sambal belacan. It’s quite a large serving for two of us. The veggie was so “smooth & silky” tasted in my mouth.

The wet tissues in red packets.


Time’s up for Windows XP?

September 30, 2007

Microsoft had originally planned to stop selling Windows XP on 31st Jan 2008. However, due to the sales for Windows Vista have not been as strong as expected, Microsoft is extending the time for OEM and retail outlets to continue selling Windows XP.  So, we’ll have until June 30th, 2008 to use Windows XP, then……

Okay, the good news is, Microsoft has not announced the cease support for Windows XP, and in fact, extending the life of Windows XP Starter Edition, the version of XP for emerging markets. XP starter edition will be available until June 30, 2010. This will cater for most of us who doesn’t have the money to constantly upgrade our PC (unless the income tax relief is available for yearly upgrades). Also, it is such a pain to run Vista comfortably at the moment…compatibility issue, lack of softwares, ridiculous requirement on hardwares…etc. I guess if I’m going to use Vista, I need to get myself the latest Core 2 Duo PC with 2GB RAM (4GB recommended), 250GB HDD (minimum), a decent graphic card (Geforce 8800 series)……..

In the mean time, if you think you can afford NOT to use Windows products, you can always join the ranks of the ALTERNATIVES…like Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and more.

All-New Toyota VIOS

September 27, 2007

I saw this truck during my lunch time while I was on my way to Penang International Airport. Without thinking that much, just took out my Sony Ericsson K810i and captured this photo. I’m a bad driver, I admit. 😦


A see-through truck purposely to draw the attention of all passengers. Initially I thought there’s a new version of Toyota VIOS for launching. I guessed that was a real Toyota VIOS, which was completely packed -up nicely as protection. Now only I know I was totally wrong. It’s just an advertisement from Toyota. Check this out! Hurry up if you want to participate the contest. Squeeze your brain power to design your own VIOS. I tried to design mine, found that the features available are limited. I’m not a good designer though.

PJ Section 14 Digital Mall

September 27, 2007

Yesterday I went down to PJ on a boring trip, happened to stop by at the Digital Mall. At first I was sitting in front of Starbucks waiting for my colleague, then I turned around and saw that I’m actually right next to the famous Digital Mall! So, I hopped in to take a look what is the hype all about.

dsc00823thumbnail.jpg dsc00828thumbnail.jpg

The Digital Mall is a place where you can find all sorts of IT related products ranging from PCs, laptops, softwares, games, mobile phones and more. On the top floor, you can find a supermarket style shop selling full range of computer stuff. I’ve been dreaming about this IT supermarket concept for quite some time and now that I’ve seen it realize before my eyes…nice!

Well, maybe not 100% nice as the goods was not really cheap. I bet you could find the same price in Penang for the same stuff offered over there. Only some small things they displayed at really cheap price just to attract your attention. Then again, I don’t need any of those stuff, so I didn’t buy anything there. So much for the Digital Mall.

A Healthy Meal for A Healthier Life

September 26, 2007

Weekend is always the good time to try out some new recipes. I am a proponent of simple recipes. I always want to try some really simple home cooked dishes, which the ingredients are easy to get, and no deep fry process is needed. Haha…the basic requirement for a lazy person like me. Last week, found some ingredients from Jusco, Queensbay Mall. Bought some organic vegetables, soft tofu, dried mushrooms, chicken drumsticks…which enable me to come out with the 3 dishes.

Ma Po Tofu, my own version. Click here for the recipe.

Stir fry organic Kai Lan in oyster sauce.

Yin tonic. Click here for the recipe.

Not bad, at least it is a balance diet, which also considered as a healthy meal, right?