A Grand Birthday Present

15th August, it’s my birthday. Last year I got a pair of LAZO diamond earing from my hubby. What about this year? Thang thang thang thang……here it is. My grand present, an exerciser, the Elliptical Trainer.
Using magnetic technology, the elliptical trainer is smooth and quiet while operating. It combines the natural stride of a treadmill or ski machine, with the simplicity of a stair climber. On an elliptical you stand upright on the foot pedals & stride in a forward or backwards direction. Your feet move in a natural elliptical motion which is the closest simulation to walking and running available without the impact. It also comes with seat.

proact-2.jpgPROACT Brand, with good quality finishing.

proact-3.jpgThe auto on/off exercise monitor. Functions including: speed, time, distance, calories burned, and heart beating rate.

I like the present very much. The most impressive event would be the cartoon version’s birthday song presented by Jack the night before my birthday. He also brought me to a dinner at Fisherman’s Grill. I really enjoy my birthday. Thank you, my dear. Love you so much.


One Response to “A Grand Birthday Present”

  1. ipohchai Says:

    wah lau yeh, that going to make you sweat for sure.

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