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Top Tips For Your Next Vacations……….

July 27, 2007

Eco-tourism is travel with ethics. Here is how you can play a part:

Make tourism and conservation compatible
The money you spend on your trip helps determine the development and direction of tourism. Use your money to support reputable, conservation-minded tour operators and suppliers

Learn about the culture and customs of the areas you will visit before you go

Visit parks and nature reserves
Visitor demand and tourist expenditures support existing protected areas and can lead to the protection of additional nature. Get any necessary permits before visiting nature reserves or other protected areas

Limit energy use, including your use of air conditioning and hot water. Turn off all lights and taps when you leave hotel rooms

lodgings that have effective waste treatment systems, that recycle, that are energy efficient, and, where possible, that use environmental-friendly energy sources such as solar energy or hydroelectric power

View the photograph wildlife from a distance and remember that in the optimal wildlife viewing experience, the animal never knew you were there. Suppress the natural temptation to move too close and respect signs of distress such as alarm calls, distraction displays, laidback ears, and raised hair

Conserve water
Take showers rather than baths, and use a refillable water container. Sterilise water when necessary, rather than buying bottle water

Respect the environment
, stay on trails during hikes, do not remove plants or feet animals, and never litter. At the sea, do not take any water souvenirs. Bear in mind that removal can seriously disrupt ecosystems

Respect local culture
, traditions and religious places. Insensitive behavior such as taking photographs of people without their consent, or failure to observe local customs, can cause offense

Some souvenirs (ivory, bear paw amulets) could end up costing a lot more than you paid for them.

Article source: WWF International


Puppy Oscar

July 25, 2007

Hello, I’m Golden Retriever, puppy Oscar. I’m at about 2 months old. I’m naturally very friendly, and like to play around with children. I’m still not so powerful and active yet. Most of the time, I feel tired and prefer to spend my time sleeping Zzzzzzzzzz. However, I insist to go for daily exercise as I tend to put on weight. With balanced diet, regular veterinary check-ups, I believe I will grow strong very soon.

I feel like wanna take a nap Zzzzzzzzzzz

Look, my kindly eyes are brown with dark rim. Do you like my cream-colored coat?

That’s me. I know how to attract the camera, intelligent!

See, my long tail will never curled.

Am I charming?

Thanks to my master for bringing me here, seaside.

Hmmm…..I really enjoy the fresh air, and the beautiful scene.

Aiyah, tired already.

I like the soil, so smooth.

Why my master leave me alone here?

I really wish that I can swim like him.