Cameron Diary

Previously in June, Celine and I went up to Cameron Highlands to catch a glimpse of the colorful landscape in Pahang. We didn’t expect much from the trip as we were told that the temperature is not as cool as before. Anyway, we made our plan and did some homework on the internet before we hit the road. We list down all the places we’re going to visit, where we’re going to stay, where is the local delicacies..etc.

On the first day, after checking in to HillView Inn, we went to several flower nurseries where you could find all sorts of blooming flowers. Their colors was so bright we couldn’t resist to take photos of them.



Next we went to strawberry farms for a stroll. Unfortunately the strawberries were so tiny it’s not worth taking any pictures all together. Instead I took a photo of strawberry balloons instead.


We also went to butterfly farm for a visit. Not that we never went into one before, but we just didn’t have anything else to do.


In the evening we went to pasar malam at Brinchang to get ourselves some dinner….

The next day we went to Kea farm and Multicrops central market. Here you can find all the produce of Cameron Highlands plus some good snacks.

Kea farm – selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sweet potato snack, yummy!

We stopped by a tea plantation to capture some breathtaking views of Cameron.

Cameron Bharat tea plantation

During the stay, we tried some of the recommended places to dine in Cameron such as T-cafe, Hong Kong steamboat restaurant & Mayflower but the food was just average. What to do, we Penangites are too pampered with food. In the end, we suffered diarrhea and couldn’t enjoy much for the rest of the day.


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