“Fish” Jelly Dishes

Jack and I have been to Restaurant Kampar Fish Jelly for quite frequent. It is located at Sungai Nibong, near the flyover to Villa Emas Condo. Basically, it sells “Yong Tau Foo”, just that almost all the dishes are made by fish jelly. Hmm…I try to recall the dishes to test out my memory. It has fish jelly in egg plant, fish jelly in long beans, fish jelly in lady’s finger, fish jelly in green chilly, fish jelly in bitter gourd, several kinds of fish balls, squid balls, fish jelly fried in bean curd skin piece, fish jelly fried in dumpling wrappers, fried chicken wings, herbs chickens, chicken legs cooked in five spices, and some other dishes that I haven’t tried out yet. All these can be taken with steam rice, yam rice or their specialty, Hakka noodles.

Hakka Noodles

Fish Jelly In Veggies

“Fish” Jelly Fried in Bean Curd Skin Piece & Dumpling Wrappers


3 Responses to ““Fish” Jelly Dishes”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Hi dear, you see I came from Kampar and this shop claimed that the stuff is from Kampar or taste like one, but from a Kamparian who have stayed for 20+ years, you can’t fool me. The food is healthy but the taste is far behind the original Kampar’s taste. For those who wanna taste the original I proposed you all go to Kampar town, go to the foodcourt (a centralised one) near to Kampar market. Use the entrance opposite a Chinese medicine shop (there’s a lot of entrance and the food court is quite big!!), there’s a stall selling the famous “loh shue fan” and of course plus other choice of noodles as well, try the fish ball, the meat ball, the “chow yuen” (fried balls) and the “chow foo pei” (fried stuff bean curd), order the later two in dry form (means don’t soaked into the soup) and eat with the chili paste cum some soya sauce. I never failed to visit the stall whenever I’m back to visit my parents and mind you I can have it everyday for 3 meals….

  2. Elaine Says:

    I’ll be going back this Raya… jom pergi… cari-cari makan.

  3. Celine’s Blog » Japanese Food @ Restaurant YAKITEPPAN Says:

    […] Yakiteppan. It is located at Sungai Nibong, near the flyover, which is at the same row with Restaurant Kampar Fish Jelly. I noticed that the restaurant owner is no longer the same, but the interior design, and the menu […]

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