Zero Price??

Recently, Diamond is advertising widely through radio, TV and even leaflet for Diamond ZERO price program. Getting a Diamond water filtration system at ZERO cost? Ok, listen here, the purchase plan is “Buy any Diamond Water Filtration System at RM2,980 and with 2 Air Purifier or a Diamond Master Filter worth RM2.980 given away…you are actually getting the Diamond Product at ZERO COST!!!”

I tell you what. I am not an idiot consumer. Based on my experience working in manufacturing field, the first thing come across my mind will be “what is the manufacturing cost for a Diamond water filter + two Air Purifier or a Diamond water filter + a Diamond Master Filter?” Definitely both combinations are also below RM2,980, since nobody will go for business of not getting any profit. If my above observation is wrong, then it may be Diamond is earning back through out the maintenance charge. Just my two cents. What do you think?


One Response to “Zero Price??”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Celine, there’s no free lunch is this world, an economist will agree to that, whatever the marketing gimmick they may use, just one thing I always reminded myself, people out there just want to get your money!! I know also if everyone has the same thinking as mine, then the whole economy won’t move, well that’s just one way of guarding myself from the money suckers out there…. my two cents thoughts…

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