Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday To My Beloved Mother

Today is Mother’s Day, and is also my mom’s birthday. Both falling on the same day coincidently. Suppose we should let our mom relax and enjoy this meaningful day for double-celebration, right? But my mom insist to cook herself and let us enjoy her dishes. Feel terribly guilty…
My mom cook the following yummy dishes for all our family members.

Salted Vegetable & Duck Soup – This is Nyonya style traditional dish. It has sour tastes and a little salty. The natural sour is from tomato and salted vegetable. The duck plays an important role, as it added a great taste to the soup, compared to chicken.
“Sweet & Sour” Pineapple & Cucumber – cooked with chicken gizzards. I like the “QQ” gizzards.

Deep Fried Aromatic Chicken – merinated with Chinese Five Spice powder and leave in refridgerator for overnight. Corn flour applied thoroughly upon bring to deep fry.

Stir Fry Mixed Veggie

Thanks mom for the delicious food. We really enjoyed the food, and the chit chat we had together. Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday!


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