My daily activities with my two brains

Most of us do not know that we have 2 brains, left cortex and right cortex. Left cortex deals with logic, words, lists, numbers, linearity, analysis, etc. While the left cortex is engaged with these activities, the right cortex is more in the relaxing state. The right cortex deals with dimension, colour, day-dreaming, imagination, Gestalt, rhythm, and spatial awareness.

During my working hours, most of the time I have my left cortex working extensively. I do a lot of analysis through data interpretation in statistical tools. At the same time, my right cortex is working to assist in the colour selection and dimension adjustment when I have my chart plotted.

Trend Chart

Fish Bone Diagram, one of the problem solving skill

After working hours, back to home, I will adjust myself to relaxing mode. I will spend my time on cooking, house keeping, planting, playing game boy or PSP, watching TV. While doing these activities, analytic seldom come across my mind. However, I still have my left brain to assist in process sequence and to memorize the list of required ingredients or tools.

One of my interested hobby is playing PSP, and my all time favourite is Lumines. This addictive block game required concentration in colours and shapes, with left hand to control the location to place the block, and right hand to control the speed. This will make my right cortex working.

Lumines- Challenge mode, Class A

Lumines- Challenge mode, Class S


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