We Are Working At The Upper Layer Of Stratosphere!

In wafer manufacturing industry, we often work in cleanroom. The environment is similar to the upper layer of stratosphere. Here, the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. Before entering cleanroom, we have to change into protective clothing like hats, facemasks, gloves, boots and bunny suit. I still remember that I took for more than 10 minutes to put on cleanroom class 10k’s bunny suit for the first time. When comes to cleanroom class 100, it is even worst. I took me for more than 15 minutes, just to figure out which piece to put on first. Once you failed the sequence, you have to start all over again. It could be a tough job if you’ve never done it before. I tell you. Really!

Hi, we are in bunny suit, no make-up is allowed.

Me and the silicon wafers

Me, doing wafer inspection


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