The First Job Interview I Attended

Back in year 2002, when I first graduated from university, I was so keen to find a job in semiconductor field. Part of the reason is because I majored in Applied Physics, and subjects like “semiconductor” and  “semiconductor fabrication” are some of the most valuable subject for an Applied Physics degree holder, not to mention if you can get your hands on final year project like “semiconductor light emitting”.

Not to be too choosy (really! J), I also applied for engineering/QA position in other related fields, like electronics and telecommunication industry. Honestly said, I am a good planner. I will always plan my schedule ahead. And definitely, there was no exception for this important moment, one of the turning points in my life. I got my resume and cover letter ready and started to applied jobs though before my final exam. I received a phone call from a company for an interview appointment on the next day I completed my exam. Thank God! Finally, I got a response! This was my first appointment for a job interview. It’s so meaningful.

The first thing I did is to log on to Jobstreet to view the company’s profile, understand their company background and history. Next, I searched the net for some info on interviews. You can learn a lot from other people’s experiences, the common “dos” & don’ts”.

From my survey, I got to know that the company who called me is a silicon wafer manufacturer. It’s a join venture company between Germany and Japan, and Japanese guy in-charge to run the operation. Not bad huh? Maybe it’s a good opportunity for me, as I spoke some Japanese as well. Hopefully, I will get higher priority compared to the other candidates. Oh yes, forgot about the position, it’s Special Assignment Engineer. Sound nice, right?

Nervous, nervous, adrenalin keep on pumping….. It was time for THE interview. The interview was held in a big conference room, with a panel of interviewers consisted of Engineering Director (Japanese), Engineering Manager (Japanese), HR Manager (Malaysian), and two Assistant Engineering Manager (Malaysian). The atmosphere is so threatening, fearful… I kept on telling myself to calm down, and to seize this opportunity to “sell” myself to the team. Just be myself. Each of the questions was processed in my mind, thought about their intention of asking it, and answered in the most rational way. Some guidelines for your reference based on my experiences:

  1. The answer to the technical question must be accurate. If you are doubtful, just tell the interviewer you are not sure, because haven’t learned or experience it, but will find out the answer.
  2. Be humble, tell the interviewer the real thing. It helps the interviewer understand you, and judge whether the vacancy suits you. 
  3. One way to express that you are interested in the job posted will be asking questions about the job scope, working environment, and the interviewer’s expectation.
  4. Eye contacts during conversation will proof your confidence, and be respectful to the interviewer.

Ok, back to the interview. During the whole length of the interview, there were just 2 persons asking question actively. They were the HR Manager and the Japanese Engineering Director. Questions are mostly about my background, and my knowledge about silicon wafer manufacturing processes. Luckily I did some homework on the silicon wafer processes. Basically, they had silicon wafer samples with them. They threw questions to test you how much you can describe the different types of wafer, like the silicon wafer is “p” type or “n” type, how to determine it, how to make the silicon ingot as “p” type or “n” type, and the production steps to turn the ingot into slice form, etc…With semiconductor knowledge as foundation, I don’t have problem to provide accurate answer. The Japanese Engineering Director gave up eventually and told the rest he did not have other questions. The interview ended in about an hour’s time, and I was asked to wait for their call, if I’m selected for the second interview. Oh goodness, second interview some more. What to do? Wait lor… Luckily after one week’s waiting, I got the phone call. So, I attended the second interview, and hopefully it will be the last interview.

The second interview was basically focused on situational problem solving. They gave me some conditions to test on my problem solving skills. I guess the purpose was to judge whether I’m up for the task, able to work independently under minimize supervision, and work under pressure. Anyway, there was no right or wrong on the answers given, but after went through this session, the interviewer will know how creative you are and how well you are able to express your opinion. The interview ended, and wait again…

Time flies…  still no news…. I started to feel frustrated and disappointed. But surprisingly the HR Manager called me up after one month, offered me the job, and asking whether I’m still interested. Hell, Why not? I was waiting for so long, and other job interviews were not successful either. Hurrah!!! Finally I got a job. As Special Assignment Engineer.


2 Responses to “The First Job Interview I Attended”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Hi dear, can you still remember your 3rd job interview?? You know what I mean…..

  2. Elaine Says:

    You are a good team player, glad to have you in the team, I believe you can make it anywhere…

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