Crispy Chips From Ngaku

About two weeks ago, as usual, we went to shop at Tesco hypermarket for groceries. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, new year stuffs can be found everywhere. I noticed that there was a stall attracted a theater crowd. With an inquisitive mind, I joined the crowd. Eagerly wanted to discover what is the item that able to arouse people’s interest. Ehh??!! What is that? It looks like garlic, but the tag was labeled as “China Ngaku”, “Arrowhead”? Hmm…..really no idea what is it for, but feel reluctant to ask the rest because seems like everybody knows it’s usage. Each of them was busy packing the “ngaku” into plastic bag. Some with one full bag, and some even got up to two or three full bags.
China Ngaku

None of my family members know about “ngaku”. After asking around, my sister in law discovered that “ngaku” can be stir fry with meat slice to become a dish. Besides, we can also process it into crispy chips. My sister in law tried it out, and it works. “ngaku” chips taste like potato chips. Crispy, but it’s more solid. Interested to know the methods of making “ngaku” chips? It’s so simple, as per following steps.
1. Cut off the head and tail of the “ngaku”, and peel off the skin.
2. Slice thinly with a slicer.
3. Dip the slices into salt water for about 15 minutes.
4. Drain the water, and dry off the slices.
5. In a wok, heat oil until hot. Deep fry the “ngaku” slices until golden brown and crispy. Drain and cool.
6. Add icing sugar to taste.
Easy, right? Now it’s time to enjoy it.
Crispy “ngaku” Chips


One Response to “Crispy Chips From Ngaku”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Hokkien don’t eat “ngaku” but it’s a must for Cantonese, I for one grew with this “ngaku” thing. Back in my childhood days, my grandma used to cut ngaku into 2mm thick pieces, steamed them with the “lap cheong” and “lap ngap” (wax duck and chinese sausage), since the ngaku is quite plain in taste and the lap cheong and lap ngap is salty, we are supposed to sandwich these two and take them… I don’t really like the taste though and until today… during CNY, my mom still do it but she placed it in the rice cooker while cooking the rice and place the lap cheong (in a metal plate) when the rice is half cooked. I myself prefer to just eat the lap cheong!!!

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